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About us

       Already two generations of our family create a cosiness and host guests in our farmhouse. It all started in 2003 when our parents tired of the city life decided to fulfill their long-standing dream of moving to the village and opening a guest house. The money from the sale of business was just enough to buy an unfinished house in a picturesque place on the outskirts of the village and start construction. The house had stood for almost 15 years in an unfinished state and the nature around it very quickly concealed the traces of the fact that once there was a construction site. And so this created the impression that this house grew up itself in the middle of a dense forest. We first took guests in July 2007. This date can rightfully be considered the birthday of the Grushanka Guest House.

Now on the grounds there is a greenhouse with thermal heating where we grow fresh vegetables for ourselves and our guests; a summerhouse where we arrange tea-drinking with a real fire samovar in the summer and autumn; a small pool with thermal water with a stunning view on the mountains and coniferous forest; spacious Russian sauna the idea of ​​the construction of which we so long nurtured and have now realized, so on new 2018 Eve it finally began to please our guests and give them health and positive sensations.