The village of Esso is located in the heart of the Kamchatka peninsula. It is located on the territory of the Bystrinsky Nature Park. Which is one of the six specially protected natural areas of Kamchatka and included in the list of the World Natural Heritage of UNESCO.

The nature of this place is unique. Alpine tundra is adjacent to meadows, birch and coniferous forests that cannot be found anywhere  else on the peninsula.
The natural park is located within the Sredinny Ridge. This area is characterized as the newest volcanic zone. Here there are extensive lava plateaus dissected by river valleys. It includes more than 120 volcanoes of various types and about 1,000 small volcanic structures.

On the territory of the park there is the highest active volcano of the Sredinny Range - Ichinsky (3621 m)

The rivers of the natural park are important spawning reservoirs for all kinds of salmon found on Kamchatka. Mountain rivers with picturesque rapids and waterfalls are distinguished by their exceptional productivity, diversity and the number of salmon.

In numerous mountain lakes there is char.

Numerous hot and cold springs flow to the surface of the park. Which are used for balneological and economic purposes.  The territory of the Bystrinsky district is a place of historically compact residence of the Evens (the people moved to Kamchatka in the middle of the 19th century from the northeast of Siberia). Here also live Koryaks, Itelmen, Kamchadals, Aleuts, Chukchi. Representatives of indigenous people of the north create settlements in which they demonstrate life, traditions and way of life.   The village of Esso is a home to the
 annual traditional dog sledding race of Beringia, which originated in 1991.